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One transparent way of auctioning globally

Today's Auction Technology Don't Cut It

In a world where over three billion people are connected to internet, cars drives themselves and AI help our lives, selling and buying is still stuck in grandpa's age.
Why? The auction infrastructure was built when internet was young with few features.

Transparent, Decentralized

With the help of Bauction you can host auction in transparent, decentralized manner and build trust with your customers

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Bauction runs the most advanced blockchain technology. It is scaleble, secure and interoperates with different auction platforms

We trust our futures with experts everyday.

Bauction is a platform powered by Bauction which does not have a single point of faliure. With it's network running 24/7/365, it eliminates all the problems faced by Traditional Auction platforms and brings a secure, decentralized experience to all the stakeholders

Are you an Auction House?

Give your Auctions a wider Visibility

Bauction provides optional feature to accept bids from everyone globally, even from bidders from other auction houses

Give your Customers a Reason to Trust You

Use the most advance blockchain based auction system, keep your customers information secure and open world of ample opportunities for them

Why Bauction?


Conduction aution in most secure way ever possible


Engage with your customers directly


Use a Tamper Free technology and build trust


Auction on a open trusted network

Why you will choose Bauction as your auction platform?

Bauction is born out of current Blockchain technology and built for future. It eliminates issues like Trust, Transperancy, Security, Maintainability and Dependency which are at the core of any traditional auction portal.
Your customers can now bid fearlessly, clients can host auctions with confidence and relish a safe auction experience.

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How Bauction Works

to find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday

Frequently Asked Question

When choosing a technology which your customers can trust, you will definitely have some questions for us
is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution

The techonology behind the bauction makes it different from traditional auction houses. Bauction uses internet computer platform to host auctions over the blockchain techonology. Blockchain makes the platform transparent and secure for users. There is no single point of failure. So it also builds trust in your customers.

Bauction uses internet computer protocol to host auctions over the blockchain. Smart contracts are written in motoko.

The future goals of bauction is to support different crypto over the platform. Also, bauction will not be just platform to buy/sell traditional collectibles, our plan is to extend it to be platform for NFTs and tokens as well.

Bauction provides SDK for developers and other auction houses to use.

You can use bauction SDK to integrate your frontend or application with bauction's powerful & trustless protocol. You can find SDK documentation here

There are no restrications, you can buy anything what people are auctioning and you can sell anything what people would buy on the network. From NFTs, tokens to rare items, you can auction anything.

No, there is nothing a normal user need to setup to use the platform like other DApps. Users don't need to install any extension or anything. Bauction can be viewed as any other normal website on your traditional browser. So user can use blockchain powered application without any struggle.